Tuesday, July 26, 2005


it's sooo


in atlanta. so why not cool off with a Chocolate, slap yo mama from Jake's ice cream...

Thursday, July 14, 2005

A Picture Share!

Chastain Park Concert with Marc Anthony

My neighbor was soo nice to give us her tickets since she had to unexetedly go to work.

What? Go out and have fun for you while you work? Sure, it'll be tough, but I'll get over it.

a penny saved is, ....not much


Thursday, July 07, 2005

Verysise lens implant adventure

I e-mail like I always do. One letter at a time...

My prodedure date was July 5, 2005. I was unnoticably nervous.

Anthony is soo cool, always the cool one, look how excited he is...

I got one eye done, my left eye (since I use my right eye to shoot and if necessary i could be blind in the left and still work (that was Anthony's philosophy anyway...)

I'm sooo relaxed, who's nervous? More drugs please...

After the surgery it felt sore and achy, near bedtime it hurt sometimes, like a twinge of pain, I think because I was watching tv with my good eye and it kept makeing the bandaged eye try to open as a reflex.

The next day, when the bandage came off. I pried my eye open very slowly, it was like waking from a deep sleep with lots of gunk medicine they'd put in my eye. It felt sore, but didn't hurt much. Dr. took the one stitch out (it was only in the corner of the eye and I never felt itmuch, like an eyelash before it gets in your eye being moved away.
I was soo excited the first thing I saw was my husband, after kissing him, I told the nurse, I can learn to swim now and go swimming for exersice with my friend Tracy! :)

Right now, after taking off the left bandage, my Dr.'s plan is to do the right eye in 2 weeks, then I'll probably have another 2 weeks recovery if everything goes well.

I WOULD work, but I'm not supposed to lift anything heavy, bend over fowards, or be around dust or anything that might get into my eye, no strenuous activity, which means, I can't work out either shux :(

Afterwards Anthony took me to the flying biscuit and we sat outside and I just kept my sunglasses on, then we went to check out IKEA and nobody looked at me funny.(it was soo crowded,even on a wednesday I think most could've cared less about me if I had 2 heads)... I can walk and see ok since my left eye seems to dominate. They took one of the lenses out of my glasses, but when I put it on I get a headache and it's very disorienting like I've got 2 glasses on.

so i can't drive, pooh...no shopping alone,
but I can walk carefully, my depth of field is bad, so I really have to be careful around stairs. Also if I look up or whip my eye around quickly it hurts since that where he cut into my eye (at the top of the iris), but you can't see how red it is there unless I look down and pull up my eye lid a little. That sounds gross huh? It doesn't look bad though.

My biggest concern is I think I was telling my Dr. how much I was in love with him when I was "under the influence" during surgery.

I hope my tv news team has fun covering storm damage and marta security without me, i'll think of you:D

My sexy eyeball

this is 3 days after surgery. The red mark above my pupil is where I'm making the educated guess as to where the incision was.

I can SEE..I love Dr. Feinburg!

Sunday, March 13, 2005


Brian Nichols
eeek what a day

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

My first Cruise

We went on the Carnival's Glory ship, it was humongous!

On the Lido deck of carnival glory
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Balcony View

Balcony View
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