Tuesday, July 07, 2009

the Memorial-Make that Change

We Love You Michael!!!

Smokey Robinson speaks words of those that aren't able to attend.
30 minutes.

Michael's golden casket overflowing with red roses, was brought out by his brothers as pallbearers.

Rebbie Jackson, Janet Jackson, Randy Jackson, Tito Jackson, Marlon Jackson, Jackie Jackson and Jermaine Jackson attend Michael Jackson's Public Memorial Service held at Staples Center Photo: GETTY

A preacher, unknown to me, spoke of his death, then

Started with Mariah Carey singing, I'll be There, her voice cracking at the beginning, then she gathered it up and lilted it out then was joined by Trey Lorenz.
Queen Latifah spoke and read poetry for him written by Maya Angelou.

Lionel Ritchie just finished singing "Jesus is love"... and the rain began to fall outside.

Barry Gordy speaks...
"I think he is simply the greatest entertainer that ever lived." Applause all around.
He closes.
the familiar
Michael video medley.
Last song it ends with You are not alone.

Applause as Stevie Wonder is escorted onstage
"This is a moment that I wish that I didn't see come, but as much as I can say that and mean it.
I do know that god is good....
...and i do know that, as much as we may feel that we need Michael here with us God needed him far more. "
performs "They won't go when I go" George Michael.

Kobe Bryant speaks on his charity,
and Magic Johnson looks uncomfortable behind him. Maybe trying not to cry.
Johnson speaks of how he lost playing softball with the Jackson's as well, to Barry Gordy.
Jermaine and the rest of the brothers hug him.
Just noticed they all have on one sequined glove.

Music starts for "Hold Me"
Emerging to microphone from center back is a beautiful, radiant, and pregnant Jennifer Hudson.
She is amazing. Voice so steady and strong. Sang gurl!Saaang for us!
People behind her step side to side and sign language.
the words written on screen as he speaks is powerful with stars behind the background.
(This was to be performed in the concert, now Jennifer did it so beautifully).

Al Sharpton speaks
I want to say to the children, there was nothing strange about your daddy. It was strange what he had to deal with, but he dealt with it....

..."he dealt with it anyway he dealt with it for us."
Some said to say goodbye, I came to say thank you
thank you for
thank you for erraticating barriers
thank you because you gave us hope.
He comes down and family hugs and thanks him.

applause and chant for Michael breaks out in the silence

guitar player
He is John Mayer, performing Human nature instrumental. Love shot of him playing and casket in foreground him in back playing to him.

Brooke Sheilds looks like about to cry at podium
she shakes head...as if can't do it
she's shaking but she speaks
She teases him that she started when she was 11 months old, you were a slacker, you were what...5.
It was a competition to see who could make each other laugh more or be silliest.
She quotes from the book the little prince, because it reminds her of him.
Eyes are blind you have to look with the heart for what is most important what is invisible.
His favorite song, charlie Chaplin, Smile.
Smile though your heart is aching...

Music swells
Singing now is Jermaine Jackson.
He sings "Smile."

I saw Charlie Chaplin cry through the song when he sang it. I feel like it too.

He's crying at end. Then took rose from lapel and threw onto casket.

Bernice King and Martin Luther King III.

Martin: Father said be best at who you are. If street sweeper, be the Michealangelo of it, the Raphael of it, the Mozart of it. Sweep streets so well heaven and earth will say there goes a man that was the greatest sweeper there ever was. As they did Michael. He was the greatest entertainer of all.

Bernice: Despite her moms condition of pain in the end of her life, his music made her smile.
"May we all be inspired to go and let our light shine. Rest in Peace, our brother Michael."

Sandra Jackson Lee U.S. represenative of Texas speaks.
Gives Commemoration plaque Michael Jackson american Legend, Musical Icon to be honored forever and forever and forever and forever. We are the world and we are the better because Michael Joseph Jackson lived.

someone yells long live the King...applause.

Music swells .
Man comes and sits on barstool in front of michrophone.
"We love you Michael, and you meant so much to us, especially me."
Begins singing "Gone to Soon."
He comes off stage toward casket and sings to Michael as puts had on casket.
Cries at end and has to take off glasses he's kept on this whole time.
The family scicles him and husg him.
He goes to Mother Jackson and kisses her.

little Michael
he is sooo cute
Since you went away...

Gotta go pee but can't tear self away.

Smokey Robinson
jokes, I wrote that song, and I thought I sang it...
Little boy sings
Shaheen Jafarghol performs "Who's loving' You"
has british accent with his thanks at end.
Kenny Ortega explains Shaheen was going to perform with Michael on his show.

Playing Michael's favorite moment in the show he was to perform.
Scary man comes on
to start "We are the World"
I don't know any of the singers...
the family and performers come onstage.
lots of children come onstage.
"Heal the World"

Jermaine: "On behalf of my family I'd like to thank everyone for coming out. I am at a loss for words, I had his back, but i am at a loss for words, we thank you. We thank you very much.
Marlon: I hurt, (he is emotional) he says he tries to understand why he's gone to the Lord.

Oh my God, the daughter is speaking, Paris Katherine Jackson.
Emotional girl says, "I just wanted to say, ever since the day I was born, I just want to say Daddy was the best father you could ever imagine. And I just want to say I love him, so much."
They surround her, crushing her with love.

Brothers take casket away.
"Man in the Mirror" instrumental plays, lone lit microphone stand.

Goodbye Michael, I love you.

Friday, July 03, 2009


I haven't written in a long time.
I'm still job hunting, but in the meantime have joined a production group. We have been selected to be mentored by Turner Studios and I get to enhance my skills in production.
It's been a great learning opportunity.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

k. jobless once again

Guess i have time to make an entry now that i'm once again searching for income.
It sure isn't like the old days when you could just walk in a business and meet someone face to face and apply for a job. I really dislike the impersonal web entry process. How do I even know they got it? Also what's up with the "keyword" thing? They don't look at your application if you haven't entered the correct keyword that the computer recognizes and so will forward to H.R.-what is that??

Well, this last job as a...educational scholastic evaluater, as i call it(scorer) was interesting. At least I know it's not just me. There were lawyers, teachers, professors, scientists, all looking for work, and that $12/hr. job is what 300 of us found. You had to have a degree to even apply for the position and not only take a test to get in, also a test every day to qualify...what do those with a high school degree or not even that do? How do people who live "in the circle" of Atlanta survive, it's so expensive...

Friday, May 09, 2008

I'm loving the Derm Blog.
Free information from a real dermatologist!
He's helped me have flawless skin and remain educated on the skin front.
Now that I've stopped with the washing face with towel and using soap in morning (along with acne.org regimine) I have NO pimples. LOOOOVE Yawl!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day!!! Save money

Whole Fopds no longer uses plastic bags, but they do brown bag you if
you don't have your own or don't want to buy their 99 cent reusable bag.
You can get .10 cents back on every bag you bring in and use though,
so when you get home don't throw it away! Don't refuse, Reuse;)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sweewater Festival

This weekend at Candler Park. Lots of Beer, Music and sun. YAY!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

NOW conference

National organization of women had a conference I shot in Atlanta. I
learned I'm more of a feminist than I thought. This is not a bad
thing. I'm surprised myself.